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Jess’ Fiji Travel Guide + Pics

Jess’ Fiji Travel Guide + Pics

Jess’ Fiji Travel Guide + Pics

We recently visited beautiful Fiji for my mum’s 60th birthday celebrations. It was just stunning!

Dean and I went a pair days early to celebrate my birthday at Tokoriki… so the journey turned into a double birthday extravaganza. It was really these types of a exclusive time. For me, the highlights of Fiji are the folks and the remarkable turquoise waters.

Now that global journey has opened back again up, I certainly suggest a stop by to Fiji. A reward of this holiday is that it is significantly less than a 4 hour plane experience from Sydney Airport! We experienced taken off and landed in paradise before we understood it.

Where to Keep


Best if you want an genuine, luxe-chic and grown ups only stay. Hugely advisable for honeymooners. I just loved Villa 7!

Emphasize: The people today, food and team have been all incredible. I definitely recommend a intimate dinner on the beach front front.


For modern-day luxury, and good for households or teams. The loved ones villas are unbelievable!

Highlight: The household villa, the colour of the ocean and snorkeling in the beautiful reefs.

What to do in Fiji

  • Snorkeling – outstanding reefs with remarkable sea lifestyle. We even went snorkeling with white idea sharks!
  • Boat rides and picnics 
  • Pool time 
  • Hikes 
  • Kayaking 
  • See the sights from a helicopter ride
  • It is the ultimate desired destination to simple rest and take it easy!

Tiny disclaimer: when it rains there is considerably less to do and can develop into a lot more hard to working experience the beauty of Fiji, so purpose to book in the drier parts of the year there.