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Is CrossFit The Only Workout I Need?

Is CrossFit The Only Workout I Need?

Why CrossFit May Be The Best Exercise Program For 2019
As the New Year approaches I thought it was time to decide if I tweak my workout program or stick with what has been working in 2018. I know the newest and best exercise programs seem to surface about this time of year and I want to dig deeper into why I think CrossFit is not only the beat workout, but why it might even be the only workout you need.

Let’s start with the science behind a good workout program.
As you are probably aware, muscle cells, or any cells for that matter, require oxygen to live and thrive. As oxygen enters the cell, toxins or waste exit the cell. The releasing of the waste is enabled by muscle contraction. Without he contractions, cell transport is hindered and you can even get a buildup of toxins around the cell wall. If this occurs, a person will lose flexibility and general health. Therefor, let’s agree exercise is a powerful way to enhance your body down to even the cellular level.

There are two types of exercise, aerobic and anaerobic, Aerobic involves constant intake of oxygen during the exercise. Anaerobic will only have little to short bursts of oxygen during exercise. Examples of aerobic exercise include, long distance running, swimming, biking, or even walking. These type of exercises require oxygen for fuel to maintain the activity. Anaerobic exercises are short bursts of activity and usually involve a high level of muscular contraction without steady intake of oxygen. Anaerobic exercises would be like weightlifting or sprinting.

What components should a workout regimen include?
A good regular exercise program should include aerobic, anaerobic, flexibility training, and strength training. You might be saying, “Don’t you have strength training covered by just lifting or running? Also, isn’t flexibility training just my normal stretching?” Yes, but your strength training should include explosive, holding, and endurance strength. Flexibility training includes movement of the body in all planes, not just the muscles you are working out. Yoga would be a good example of flexibility training.

A good exercise program often includes like minded people to push and hold you accountable.
Research has shown many people quite their exercise program after a short amount of time because they feel alone or unmotivated. A good, consistent workout schedule should include a mentor or partner. This person will push you beyond your limits and hold you accountable to showing up and striving toward your goals. Believe it or not, your mind will stop looking for excuses to lift less or skip workouts when you know you are expected to be there and perform to your ability. Going to exercise classes often helps you actually schedule your workout vs trying to fit it in after other commitments are met.

What about diet and supplements tailored to a workout?
Another important aspect of an exercise program. Fuel for your body and nutrients to assist muscle recovery are necessary. With a proper diet and nutritional supplements, fatigue and plateauing is minimized. Frequency of injury is also minimized.

Okay, what exercise program(s) are best for 2019?
Just like 2018, the best workout for 2019 is CrossFit. Why just that? Why not use a mixture of programs? Simple answer is CrossFit includes everything we just talked about. A good CrossFit workout uses aerobic and anaerobic exercise. It has all the methods of strength training and includes flexibility programs. You are exercising with like-minded individuals that will push you to be your best. The diet and nutritional components associated with CrossFit are second to none. For example, Paleo diets have become a CrossFit staple.

In closing, I’m not telling you that CrossFit is the only workout program you should do. But, CrossFit include all the ingredients for a healthy, safe, and long-term exercise lifestyle.

Be your best,

The CrossFit Team